Regardless whether a construction project is Design Build, Design-Bid-Build or Construction Manager At Risk, an essential part of successful delivery is a comprehensive Critical Path Method (CPM) Schedule.  AMJ’s experienced schedulers are an integral part of the firm’s core competencies, and their services are included in each of AMJ’s service offerings.

One of the most important roles, if not the most important, that AMJ’s schedulers take on, is to help the firm’s clients thoroughly understand the benefits and logic of a construction schedule.  A detailed review is done of each schedule on a project, which includes the baseline and all updates.  The review will ensure the schedule is compliant with all contractual requirements and identify any and all schedule-related issues.  The information will be provided to the client along with potential recommendations for a future course of action.


A complete listing of AMJ’s scheduling services include:


  • Schedule Review
    • Logic & Duration Analysis
    • Critical Path Analysis
    • Risk Analysis
    • Cash Flow Projection
  • Master Schedule Development
  • Delay and Time Impact Analysis
  • Scheduling Training
AMJ’s schedulers are encouraged to pursue continued education to hone existing skills and knowledge.  AMJ has experience with multiple scheduling tools including: